A team that works around your family.

Our purpose is to help people live the lives they want.

At Relate Service Providers, we respect and value that everyone's needs are different. We provide Professional and Personal Home care services tailored to your needs, with a range of services to meet your specific requirements.

We pride ourselves on the outstanding quality of care we provide through our dedicated, passionate Home Care Team.
We listen and work in partnership to ensure that you feel comfortable; most importantly, we work with you to understand and manage risks by thinking holistically so that your care needs are met in a way that is safe and supportive and enables you to do things that matter to you the most.

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Client focused

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Our philosophy

01 - Safe

We have in place an effective safe guarding systems, policies and procedures and manages safeguarding concerns promptly, using local safe guarding procedures. Whenever necessary, investigations are thorough.

02 - Effective

Constantly improving our own Spot Checks, Reviews, Supervisions and Appraisals we contribute to the development of best practice and good leadership with other agencies.

03 - Caring

Our dedicated care assistants, consistently treat people as individuals and quickly respond to changing needs and know how to seek help and feel listened to. Service Users and their families will be supported and treated with Dignity and Respect and will be involved in planning their care and support plan including all reviews.

04 - Responsive

We understand the needs of different people and groups of people and deliver care and support in a way that meets these needs and promote equality and diversity while ensuring that care provision meets individual care needs.

Meet Walter!

I’m the founder and CEO of Relate Service Providers.
I am a highly experienced Nurse with over 15 years experience.

Perhaps the biggest reason to pursue my dreams, was to make positive differences in the people's lives contributing to create a source of comfort. I’m so proud that, I have the knowledge, skills and ability to bring understanding and peace during what can be a confusing or challenging time in people’s lives.

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We know organising care can be overwhelming to begin with. Call us for a free quote about how live in care can work around your life.

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A glowing review

I highly recommend Relate Service Providers to take extra special care of your loved one. We like a lot of people with ageing relatives are in a difficult position. Working full time along with a 200 mile distance between us and our elderly Aunt who is fiercely independent but living with a dementia diagnosis. Relate came along at just the right time.

The company have very high standards in training their staff in all aspects of care and day to day living support. They are highly skilled and knowledgeable. They are friendly (very much like being part of our own family) without being intrusive, engaging and confident in their approach and delivery of service. Most importantly, they have a holistic approach and take into account our Aunt's wishes and beliefs and we now have a tailor made care package suitable for her needs.

We feel very fortunate to be able to work alongside this special team in keeping our Aunt safe and independent in her own home. We can't thank the team enough for the help and support you give us, you've got it just right!

- Michelle Oliver

Common Care Questions

What is live-in care?

Live-in care is a form of elderly support in which a self-employed carer provides assistance in the care recipient’s own home.This might just be during home visits scheduled throughout the week. Or it might involve a professional self-employed carer moving in to offer 24-hour support, as it is with Elder. Your choice will depend on the extent of your loved one’s needs.To find out more, we’ve put together some of the myths and misconceptions about home care for you to explore.

Do live-in carers provide overnight care?

Ours do. Whether it’s first thing in the morning or late at night, there’s always help on hand with a live-inself-employed carer.Assistance at bedtime can prove key in giving your loved one a better night’s sleep, which can have a positive and lasting effect on wellbeing. And if your relative needs to get up in the middle of the night, live-inself-employed carers are perfectly placed to help them do it safely.Learn more about elderly night-time care on our ‘Overnight care: how to help ageing parents’ page.

Will live-in self-employed carers cook for my loved one?

While visiting home self-employed carers may not have time to prepare meals, this is one of the most important responsibilities of a live-in self-employed carer. They’ll find out the sorts of things your loved one likes to eat, and get them involved in the prep if that’s something they’d like to do. But whipping up meals is just one part of a live-in self-employed carer’s role: they’ll also keep an eye on nutritional content to make sure your relative stays fit and healthy. You can find out more about a live-in self-employed carer mealtime responsibilities on our ‘Nutrition: caring for elderly parents’ page.

What can I do to make my loved one’s home safer?

If your loved one is staying in their own home, you may want to make some changes to the way it’s laid out. This may include moving furniture around or reducing what’s there altogether, and installing ramps, rails and stairlifts. You might also want to add security features, such as automatic cut-offs for cookers.We’ve gone into all of these in more depth on our ‘Making homes safer for older people’ page.